About Us

Our Mission

 As manufacturers of the finest cymbals in the world, we strive to create and maintain the highest level of quality and sound. Our dedicated staff are committed to producing the finest cymbals ever created. This process begins with using the purest metals and legendary formula of B20 alloys to create a musical masterpiece that will aid in every drummers musical expression, sound color, taste, and voice.


Our Heritage

 Zion’s craftsmanship comes from a deeply rooted heritage passed down through generations of Turkish cymbal artisans. Our development has stemmed from a passion to provide drummers around the world with traditional expressions that have made the art of Turkish cymbal making globally popular. We pride ourselves on producing modern and innovative sounds for the progression of modern music. Our philosophy has remained the same as our heritage, to create the greatest sounding cymbals in the world. We encourage you to put our cymbals to the test and hear, feel, and see the difference with Zion Cymbals.
Why Zion Cymbals?

Zion Cymbals is not just another "middle-man" brand in a saturated market. Most companies these days begin by choosing designs from a factory brochure and simply slapping a new hip logo on cymbals that are preexisting. There is nothing original, unique, or exciting about that. 
For us, we are drummers that know what sounds amazing and we know what drummer want. Music has been changing and will continue to evolve. It is only right that your cymbals keep up with the growing demand of expressing yourself as a drummer in a unique way. 
When you purchase Zion Cymbals, you are not just buying another cymbal. You are investing in a masterpiece of musical perfection. 
Zion Cymbals are produced with the finest raw metals in the industry. Our skilled artisans begin blending our special mixture of B20 alloy and use a proprietary method of cooling the hot alloy to create a durable masterpiece. Once our melting and disc process is complete, our team of master cymbalsmiths start the hand-hammering process which ensures you will receive only the finest quality cymbals. Each hammer stroke is applied with various deep pressures and allows for rich tonal qualities. Our team of artisans use a special blend of hammer sizes which gives added depth to our cymbals that cannot be found with any other brands.  
After our hammering process is complete, lathing begins. Lathing is an intricate process which can bring a cymbal to life. Depending on our large variety of series, our artisans begin lathing each cymbal according to it's design. During each of these processes, we have numerous quality control checks and sound checks; ensuring you receive only the finest musical cymbals on the market. 
Lastly, our printing phase begins and final touches are applied to these musical masterpieces. 
Don't settle for anything less. Choose Zion Cymbals and experience why many drummers around the world are joining the Zion family.