Our Mission
As manufacturers of the finest cymbals in the world, we strive to create and maintain the highest level of quality and sound. Our dedicated staff are committed to producing the finest cymbals ever created. This process begins with using the purest metals and legendary formula of B20 alloys to create a musical masterpiece that will aid in every drummers musical expression, sound color, taste,
and voice.

Our Heritage
Zions craftsmanship comes from a deeply rooted heritage passed down through generations of Turkish cymbal artisans. Our development has stemmed from a passion to provide drummers around the world with traditional expressions that have made the art of Turkish cymbal making globally popular. We pride ourselves on producing modern and innovative sounds for the progression of modern music. Our philosophy has remained the same as our heritage, to create the greatest sounding cymbals in the world. We encourage you to put our cymbals to the test and hear, feel, and see the difference with Zion Cymbals.

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